About Myself

Hi, I'm Nicolle Hahn. This is my design portfolio where I share all of my favorite work. When I am not busy designing, developing or programming things, I am often in search of good food, good drink, or giving my cats some much needed attention. It's wonderful to be doing something I'm truly passionate about. I love to keep learning, so I believe this is a match made for the stars.

Visual Design
UX Design



Zizi Possesses a sixth sense and oozes affection. Excellent nurse.

The best part of coding is that there is always something new around the corner. HTML is the gateway drug to a world where things are constantly evolving. I will never know too much.

Giacomo Big ball of fluff and love. Gentle giant.

Coding teaches me to have a terrific sense of humor. If not, there would never be enough tissue for all the tears. Everything I have learned the best has been because of one of my many errors that needed to be debugged!

Cappuccino My secret mojo.

As if I need more energy! I love a well crafted cappucino, from top to bottom. There is a wonderful meditation that goes into creating my morning libation. A couple sips and life is good.

Wandering My other secret mojo.

Traveling to new places really invigorates me. It gives me a new perspective on the familiar (learning to trust my intuition), while simultaneously exposing me to the new and unfamiliar. I am very aware of how fortunate I am for the many journeys taken and the gifts it has given me.



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